Polypropylene Filter Cloth

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Polypropylene Filter Cloth Specifications

Polypropylene filter may be classified into small polypropylene thread and extended polypropylene filter fabric. The threads which are composed of extended polypropylene thread are very greasy. So, the disintegrating power and gas permeability of the extended polypropylene are much effective than that of the small poly-filter fabric. The exterior of manufacturing filter-cloth that is composed of polypropylene thread is very even. So, it is appropriate for powder straining. Furthermore, the products that we have just produced is the best filtration substance for the areas of chemical and medication, but it is not suitable for controlled filtration. The artifacts of 750 that are composed of small PP filter cloth, thus, it is the filtration substance for the dyestuff plant, the influence of gas permeability and acid marking are as distant times as polyester of 120-17, so it may speed up the rapidity of filtration, and also ignore enclosing draffy.

Polypropylene Filter Cloth

This kind of filter fabric is a powerful, frivolous polypropylene filter cloth with the outstanding struggle to most of the alkalis and acids. The low-thickness cloth is best-matched for filters for swimming pool, air filters, dye making, and dust accumulation. Air permeability is 20 to 30 CFM at a 1/2-inch heaviness drop. The cloth comes in a usual, off-white tint.

Polypropylene filter cloth is generally instituted in filter press for its outstanding cake discharge, lightest load, high-quality resistances next to alkali and acid.

There are three types of Polypropylene or PP filter cloth:
1. PP multifilament (extended thread) filter cloth
2. PP monofilament filter cloth
3. PP multifilament or monofilament filter cloth

Polypropylene filter cloth may be outlined to create filter cloth, filter bag employed in the filtration tool and filter manufacturing wastes like grease filters, acids, filtering destructive dust based on the tool for cleansing apparatus cut for that reason. Unwilling filter cloth attributing enhanced acid, alkaline and scuff resistance may function in a setting with the heat of 90 ℃.


Product name:Polypropylene filter cloth
Other names:Polypropylene fabric, PP cloth
Component:Intertwined from polypropylene thread
Size:Breadth 0.8m, 1m, 1.1m, 1.25m, 1.5m or as per the user
Type:Various types
Molecular formula: CnH2n+24.
H.S code 5911.4000
Appearance:White Polypropylene fabric
Usage:Employed in the filter bag, filter plate, etc.

Different applications of Polypropylene or PP filter cloth

Solid-liquid partition with the help of filter press, filter leaf, vacuum filter, conveyor belts filtration device, straight revolving pan filter, in the chemical factory, fertilizer factory, sugar creation, building, food and drink, metallurgy, desecrate water handling and lot more.

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