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The Raw Material of Filter Media| Industrial Usage | Market research Factor

We are driving the business of prime quality filtration material used at industrial, commercial, or residential places. The High-end filtration materials contribute to safeguarding the environment from alkalis, pollutants, dust, and upgrading the indoor environment air quality. During the manufacturing process, we have remembered the industrial rules, regulations, and standards that resemble the quality.

At Filtech Fabrics, we manufacture fine-quality non-woven and woven filter products that can eliminate the dust from the surface and surrounding corners. All the products are matched with the industry standards so you don’t worry about the impact these products deliver the best outcome at cement industry, chemical industry, beverage industry, hotel industry, hospital industry, etc. 

We have researched the industrial demands and standards, clients’ preferences, affordability and accessibility of the industry, and various filtration materials. Our vision is to manufacture and deliver true filter media products whether it is designed with nylon, cotton, polypropylene, or fiberglass, etc. 

These filter media are available in the form of bags, paper, rolls, cloth.  The prices are different for all the materials. If you want any one of them, first check the industrial or commercial type,  and share your requirements so you won’t make any wrong selection at any point.

The hygienic environment is a significant factor in every individual’s life. To live a comfortable lifestyle many appliances we bring in our home, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, strainer are some of the common things. All these products are assembled with filter material. Mainly these products are made with fiberglass filter paper. 

Industries that access various filter media for cleanliness

  • Fiberglass filtration material is versatile, durable, and the demand has widely increased after the Covid-19 impact. The market is progressing and the growth rate has also been regulated in positive percentage points. The fiberglass filter business gets support from the residential sector, pharmaceutical companies, and chemical companies, commercial offices, warehouses, livestock, buildings, construction, and civilization, etc.
  • Polyester filter material is comparatively better than fiberglass, but a little expensive. It is mainly installed in cement industries or where the pressure and load are higher and we need the material that can sustain in such an environment. We manufacture polyester filter bags, PP filter cloth for various industrial applications.

Our professionals have invested a lot of time and effort to manufacture quality filtration products. It can capture dust easily for a long time. These products are also divided into grades and rated by MERV ratings.

Industrialists are hunting to get high-performance filtration products to make indoor ventilation clean and mold-free. 

Forensic departments, Researchers, and lab practitioners demand fiberglass filter paper for the analysis practice, soil testing, DNA binding, etc. 

To them, we want to tell them we have a wide range of filtration products that are affordable, accessible, and manageable. The product page will give you information about the availability of media filters manufactured by us. Address and contact details are mentioned for additional product queries.

We are waiting to hear from your side and deliver the best product at your place!