Non-Woven Filter Fabric

Specify Ordinary and Standard Non-Woven Filter Fabric

Filtech fabrics are listed as the filter cloth manufacturing firm in the industrial city, Indore. We are involved in the business of non-woven fabric, woven fabric, fiberglass filter paper, fiberglass filter bag, etc. All these filtration products fulfill the needs and requirements of every field and industry. Below we are mentioning the basic info about the availability of different filtration products and also the basic difference to know which fabric or filtration product is suitable for which need

Filtration product available at Filtech Fabrics

Woven fabric and non-woven fabric both are diversified and segmented into different categories and serving different needs. It has raised employment for different people. As the technology is integrating, new tools and machines are also installed and setups are established by the manufacturers. These machines have increased the production rate.

  • Fiberglass filter

Fiberglass filter paper and fiberglass filter bags are widely used to manage indoor air quality at budget prices. It is efficient to filter the fresh air and eliminate the alkalis and pollutants from the atmosphere and surface. It can battle up with chemical reactions or pollutants. These filters are installed with furnace air conditioner systems. 

These are easily accessible but have a minimum life cycle after a 30 45 days time period you need to swap or otherwise it gets contaminated.

Pleated filters and HEPA filters are best to install for the indoor air atmosphere but the prices are higher.

  • Woven fabric

Apart from fiberglass filtration products we have a wide range of woven fabric. The structure is stable, the surface is gentle and flat. It is widely used to do finishing and painting work. Its very soft materials offer excellent flexibility. You can stretch this fabric in any shape. The woven fabric material is advantageous to the textile industry to design sarees, tops, jeans, etc. it does not tear or cuts easily. 

  • Non-Woven fabric(pp filter cloth)

Non-woven fabric is suitable for medical and normal use. It is safe and advantageous for everyone. A few guidelines and standards are defined for the medical purpose of non-woven fabric. These standard fabrics are superior at multiple levels to ensure comfort. One of the main examples of non-woven fabric is polypropylene filter cloth.

In the medical field, we include the things that will be safe, bacteria-free, non-pollutants, or dirt-free. The material should not impact one’s life. You may have heard about the melt-blown 3 layers base clothing material that is certified by industrial standards. 

Non-woven fabrics are used to include in the sterilization process. This process is categorized into three types of expressions that are:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide plasma
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Pressure Steam

There is one condition to use non-woven fabric in the medical field. As we have mentioned three different techniques above to maintain a clean and bacteria-free environment, you should use the fabric only once. For the next technique, you should take a new non-woven fabric. These fabrics are available at low cost at Filtech Fabrics. So, you don’t worry about financial problems. We are advising you only for safety purposes.

To measure the quality of different fabric materials, an association for quality control is made that regulates the rules and guidelines for different industries for different implementation.

When any kind of production activity or work is in progress it is measured at every stage so the problematic things can be eliminated directly at production sites and clients can get the trouble-free, high-quality, high-performance material.

Which one to use- standard or basic non woven fabric

Non-woven standard fabric materials are used for specific purposes and ordinary non-woven fabric materials are used to fulfill ordinary requirements. If you don’t want to use the fabric for medical purposes then the ordinary non-woven fabric is applicable. 

You can visit Filtech Fabrics, Indore to purchase the best filtration materials at affordable rates. You can check our products manufactured and designed for different purposes. Whether you are an owner of the chemical industry, cement industry, textile industry, or have any other commercial firm. You can pick the best suitable filtration product (non-woven fabric, pp filter cloth, fiberglass filter bag, fiberglass filter paper, cotton filter cloth) at a reasonable price. You can get address info and contact details from our contact page or at the top of the webpage.

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