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To eliminate the dust and alkalis from the surrounding and industrial sites, business houses and industries are contacting us to install fiberglass filter bag systems and fiberglass filter paper. These are efficient, easy to use, and modest filtration products. Filtech Fabrics have a year of experience in the business industry and are still bound to fulfill customer needs and industrial changes.

We have developed the products with the highest kind of material and technology to develop the optimum filtration system arrangements.

Our products

We are serving the products for the oil industry, chemical industry, and cement industry also. We have a huge area to manufacture the raw materials for the extensive range of fiberglass products made with fiberglass materials. We are making efforts to produce you high performance and high-quality material from the lowest market prices.

Fiberglass filter bag

We provide different kinds of filtration products in which fiberglass filter bags and fiberglass filter paper are frequently used and chosen by customers. These two products have achieved high points because of their modest prices, availability, and quality. 

  • Highest chemical and temperature resistance property
  • Balances the air quality
  • No steam effect
  • Low clogging problems

How does a fiberglass filter bag work?

Hoppers become the true medium to take all the dust into the baghouse and removes the dust 

particles from the surface and HVAC systems.

Pleated filters

  • For the increased filtration areas pleated filters are most suitable for the cleaning. These filters are thick and affordable.
  • Pleats are sustainable for a long period and don’t need to change them soon and cut off your spendings.
  • These filtration products are suitable for the high-temperature areas as well as for the low-temperature area.
  • It gives fine quality cleaning treatments for micro dust particles and you will feel fresh in the polluted-free atmosphere.
  • These filters are designed in an expert way and technology so no holes problem will be detected here.

Shaker Filter bag

The Shaker filter bag process is done with a vibrating mechanism it can be motorized or manual. These filters are smaller in size and suitable for the discontinuous processes these filters can process at workstations, Silos, conveyor systems, etc. efficiently.

Shaker filters made of polyester material weigh 300-350gms.

As the vibration happens so all the dust cakes split off from the walls and gate of the filter bag and stored in the dust collector associated with the filter bag systems. If you think that the filter is not working as before it might be the dust has collected in a huge amount and it’s time to clear off the filters so it will increase the life of filters for a period.

Turn off the filters and take out these filters to a garden or outside the residential area so it will not impact the indoor air quality of your home

Reverse Air filters

These filters are made of fiberglass filter cloth (the same material used to make fiberglass filter bag). From the downwards, the gas-laden enters inside the filter and collects the dust particles the gas flows continues to the upwards.

To reduce the clogging problems, switch off the filter operation, take out the compartment, a whirlwind is processed to break the dust cakes. You have noticed the sewn rings are presented here that protects the filter from collapse.

Set the compartments with the HVAC system to turn on the filtration system again. 

You can also set a timer in your phone to monitor the health of the filters.

Everyone is concerned about the environmental conditions, filtech fabrics are trying to produce and manufacture innovative products to deal with pollution problems. Fiberglass filter bag and fiberglass filter paper have somehow succeeded in handling the cleanliness of the industrial area as well as a residential area. 

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