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We are known as the leading manufacturer of filtration products used at commercial, industrial, and residential locations. We started our journey in 2008, the setup is in Indore that is the industrial capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Our clients spread across every corner of India.

Our Products, fiberglass filter bag, polyester filter cloth bag

We are the supplier and manufacturer of filter bags, filter paper, filter cloth, and other filtration products. These filter bags are made of cotton material, fiberglass material, non-woven filter material, woven filter material, mesh, PTFE membrane, etc.

We use high-quality raw-material to manufacture the filtration products so the rate of failure gets reduced and our clients live in a fresh and pollution-free environment. All the products are high performance, sustainable, reliable, and worth the money, we have asked for.

Budget-Friendly filtration products

Budget is not an issue, as we launched the products at affordable prices that can be approached and payable by every individual. Every small, medium, and big firm or business houses can contact us for the filtration products. The products are adaptable to your application and requirements and serve the optimum quality of results for a period.

You just have to share your demands and applications and use the information so we can help you to provide the best quality of products at affordable prices in your locations. 

Fiberglass Filter Bag

If you will search our name Filtech Fabrics on the web you’ll be approachable to our official website from where you can search the filtration products information and specification and you can ask for its availability. All the products are very much popular but fiberglass filter bags are low on prices and are manufactured with fiberglass PTFE membrane material.

A fiberglass filter paper is an instrument to manage the atmosphere and the indoor it also applicable for boiler applications. You can ask for any shapes, applicability, coverage material, operating conditions like at what temperature it will operate the best.

All the products are designed by evaluating the manufacturing and environmental parameters and standards, the design is so delicate and suitable with the industrial and commercial application areas. All the filtration products we have mentioned here meet real-life situations and can meet the range of expectations.

We offer an extensive range of high-quality, high-end, and high-performance based cages that support and make the needful arrangements for the fiberglass filtration products. Because of such arrangements products last for a long period.

Filtration product basic information

Application areas: Dust collection, Boiler, Air filtration system

Size: All the possible and standard sizes are available at our place.

Material: PTFE Fiberglass/ Cotton/ non-woven/ mesh/ woven, etc.

All the products take less time for installation and start working soon as it is positioned. All the products are manageable and transportation is easy. These products are trouble-free with low failure rates and damage events. You can easily access us through our website and mentioned contact details to get back the replies for your queries related to filtration products from any corner of the world.

Filtration products should be changed, once it crosses the limit or expiry date of the product. It is good for the air quality and processes undergoing the filtration instruments otherwise it may cause serious health-related problems also it will extend the budget and lower the savings.

Our main aim is to serve quality products and services to the people who have to keep their trust in us and connect with us for so many years. We are trying to make our products and services better than ever before without compromising the quality and performance of the products.

We understand the value of the true customers as once the essence is separated from the products it will affect the name of the brand.

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