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Filtech Fabrics High-efficiency Filter Products

Filtech fabrics are known for their high efficiency. High performance-based filtration products and raw materials. The rates are modest, suitable, and fit with the product’s specifications. When you will inspect the quality and sustainability of the product you wouldn’t get disappointed. 

We manufactured and supplied all kinds of product material like fiberglass, polyester, Teflon, PTFE, etc. To know what other entities you can purchase from us you can check the product tab.

Here, you will see what we have at our shops and manufacturing units. Many industrial and commercial firms are our clients. They are happy with our products’ finishes and quality. Filtration products are implemented at different places to serve different purposes. As a filter bag used for boiler, air filtration, and dust collection applications.

What type of filter media we have

The fiberglass filter paper is available at amazing prices. You can also get the fiberglass filter cloth here to make the cleaning arrangement for your places.

Fiberglass filtration products can be operated easily at a temperature of 500 F. Fiberglass filtration products can be implemented at the 

  • High-temperature dryers, 
  • Cement industries, 
  • Electric furnaces, 
  • Black carbon reactors, 
  • Power plants. 

Fiberglass can resist the chemical effects, it can also bear the acid effects, except for hydrofluoric acid, etc. Before implementing the fiberglass filtration products we will recommend that these are not suitable for places that involve salt, chlorides, bromides, cyanides, etc. These products have a low flex abrasion. This filter bag needs extra support by wire cages lengthwise.

Polyimide filters or P84 filters

It can be operated at 500F. Temperature. These filters fulfill the purposes of coal-fired boilers, smelters, dryers, kilns, incinerators, calciners, etc. it can survive in flame events and is not hygroscopic. These filters serve low-pressure rates at the low Ph atmosphere of the bag filtration systems. 

These filtration products are suitable for high-temperature areas. Sustainable to acid effects, and can safeguard against the flex abrasion If P84 filler materials are implemented the alkaline should be eliminated from that place.


Teflon filter

These filtration systems also work well at 500 F. These filter materials are installed in a severe chemical atmosphere. Teflon filter material is installed at the coal-fired power plants,  cement products manufacturing industries, steel industries, etc. These Teflon filter materials are very standard and suitable according to these application areas. This Teflon filter serves excellent abrasion properties and chemical resistance properties, but less effective than synthetics. 

People finalize this filtration product while all their efforts and filtration system fail to provide significant services. These filters are available at a little higher prices or you can consider these products as expensive ones. Teflon filtration products are available in both kinds of variants, you can select the one depending on your preferences and choices.

If you are using Teflon bag filters for your uses then you will see that they are supported by the cages to maintain their durability.

Other products/ Filter media

Polyphenylene sulfide or Ryton products are also used as filter media and can be operated at 375F. Temperature. The application areas for this product:

  • Coal-fired boilers,
  • Oil and gas firing,
  • Fluidized bed systems,
  • Cement Industries, 
  • Asphalt plants

These products can trap the alkalis and acids, these products can sustain o2 and moist application areas. These filtration systems are suitable for tight emission standards.

Nylon Filter Media

Nylon filters are also used for cleaning mechanisms that can work well at 250F. These filter media are implemented at places where the abrasive dust is present in a huge amount. These filters are good for managing the alkalis conditions but degraded and decomposed by the mineral oxides.

Polypropylene filter media

We also produce polypropylene made filter media to manage the dust and alkalis atmosphere. The ideal operating temperature is around 157 F. so it is suitable for general uses but in that category, these are efficiently fulfilled the purposes at moist and chemical conditions. It can smoothly remove the dust cakes because of their small and fine strands.

It can resist the effect of minerals and organic acids but after crossing the 200F. they can’t operate efficiently and can’t resist the sodium and potassium hydroxide. 

We have included all the general and high-efficient filter media (fiberglass filter bag/ polyester filter cloth)for cleaning purposes, boiler application, to reduce the alkalis and chemical-acid effects. All the individuals can place their orders according to the requirements, and choices for their commercial and industrial applications.

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