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Design, Efficiency, Mechanism Of Fiberglass Filters Bag

Filtech fabrics have developed a system and manufacturing arrangement to produce and deliver high-quality filtration products seamlessly in accordance with customer requirements and market demands. Right now, our customer is demanding a fiberglass filter bag and fiberglass filter paper.

These two are the most important in the HVAC systems to maintain air quality. Before delivering to the customer locations all the products go across the multiple levels of the manufacturing cycle. 

All the products are manufactured with the industry standard and guidelines. We take care of each small and big component involved in the manufacturing process. So, any kind of problem can be detected and rectified before the delivery process.

Level of efficiency(Bag filters)

Bag filters are useful to eliminate pollutants from the indoor environment. These filtration systems executed on three different levels according to the area. You can install the low-efficiency filters, medium efficiency filters, and high-efficiency filters.

Design of bag filters

Bag filters are made of fiber strands that are responsible for the service life of bag filters and the efficiency of bag filters. Microfibers are efficient to remove micro dust particles from surfaces. The design of the bag filter is quite intense and rigid at times so it can sustain with the high-speed wind. 

Bag filters are a systematic arrangement of dust hoppers, air duct, middle and lower box filter chamber, cleaning room, filter bag, bag cage bone, manual air intake valve, Pneumatic butterfly valve, dust removal unit, etc.

All these materials that we have mentioned here are fully tested and comply with the industrial demands and standards.

Bag filters are beautifully designed and composed and automatically blows off the dust in the container so no clogging problem will occur. Bag filters are of different types such as Reverse bag filters, Pulse jet bag filters, shaker filters, pleated filters are mainly famous in the industry.

Install our top-notch filtration system around your location. The bag filter is designed with an arrangement of 6-8 bag filters that substitute the wind pressure and in case one component gets collapsed then other filters will not stop working it will continue.

A detailed explanation of the bag filter mechanism

The pollutants enter the filter middlebox with a gas through the air inlet, all the large particles and huge size of gravity settle into the dust hopper entity, now the fine dust particles are heading to the upwards with the gas restricted at the walls of the bag filters. Therefore, the fine and large particles are blocked from the filter, and gas is fully cleaned from the pollutants, it will get released from the draining pipe.

After a long time of usage dust cake will build-up, and here the different types of mechanisms are executed. You have definitely heard these dust removal method names, a few of them we are mentioning here: mechanical shakers, reverse gas mechanism, pulse-jet filters, etc.

To achieve the high-end, high quality, high-performance based filtration system arrangements the components should also be manufactured with high quality, high-end techniques, high-performance machines.

It is the big concern on which we filtech fabrics are focusing primarily on the quality of the different types of filtration material (filter cloth, filter paper, fiberglass filter bag) , latest technologies and machines.

Our products are reliable, durable, and modest that will surely meet up their requirements and industrial demands. We have categorized them according to the areas. We are still improving and trying to provide optimum services to our customers.
Along with these Fiberglass filter bag, fiberglass filter paper, we have a wide range of filtration products that has developed by keeping the diversified needs of individuals. Verified with the standards, industrial and environmental parameters. Highly suggested for industrial and residential filtration needs have a look and book!!

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