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Avoid Complex air Impurities with our Filtration Products

We are the trusted supplier and manufacturer of filtration products in Indore. Many industries, firms, and commercial offices are set up in Indore. The big problem of industrial cities is the level of contamination, dust pollutants, etc. All these things impact the environment of the city and affect every individual and resources.

To manage the pollution, industries install polyester filter bags, HVAC filters, residential owners look for the more affordable, modest options that are fiberglass filter paper, fiberglass filter bag, cotton filters. Etc. 

As we all know Indore is also awarded as one of the cleanest cities of Madhya Pradesh. Every industry, every individual is concerned about the cleanliness of their surroundings, and these filters support the purpose of cleanliness and a dirt-free environment.

Fiberglass filter bag and paper for a pollution-free environment

Filtech Fabrics understand the need for cleanliness therefore, we keep working on producing high-quality, high-performance-based bag filters, paper filters, and other types of non-woven, woven filtration products. Every single product is processed and manufactured with high-quality raw materials. 

Fiberglass filter paper is available at cheaper rates and it can resist temperature and thermal energy. The raw material that used to manufacture the products are made of fine quality and these products are best for a long period.

It consumes low energy, with a less amount of ashes. Fiberglass filter paper offers chemical-resistance and stability. It does not soak moisture and humidity.

Fiberglass filter bag texture material is a sort of stain, broken twill, sloping weave, or plain weave with minimum thickness.

Polyester filter bag, performance, temperature, application

Polyester Filter Cloths and bags also possess a high-performance industrial location. It is ideal to use at 150 C. It also offers high sustainability, anti-acid, anti-dirt, anti-alkali, amazing hydrolysis properties. It is also an affordable, simply accessible, most frequently used material at industrial locations as cement production firms, chemical applications areas, Aluminium industry firms, Powder industrial firms, etc.

We are supplying and manufacturing sophisticated, standard, and modest products to manage the complexities and complications of environmental conditions. We are working to remove the pollution with the best dust collector bags. 

PTFE filter bag

We also produce PTFE needle felt material for industrial purposes, with a singed, calendared, heat-set, PTFE finishing treatment. You can ask us for any sizes or diameters of the bags. Generally, the PTFE needle bag comes in the diameter of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 130mm, 180mm, 250mm, etc.  These products can also be processed at 150C.

All these products are high-efficient with industrial IAQ standards, high-performance, capable to resist the acidic effect, higher alkalis protection, and suitable to filter the impurities.

It can eliminate dust cake impurity situations. Industry owners have found this one of the durable, reliable, and low-cost filtration arrangements.

Things to consider during the purchase

While you are purchasing any kind of filtration product, please look over the following products:

  • The application area, 
  • Humidity level, 
  • Temperature exposure, 
  • The diameter of pollutants of dry air dust pollutants, gas dust. 

All these things will help you to choose the right quality of products. You can meet us to purchase the best filtration products at affordable rates.

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