Air Slide Fabrics

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Air Slide Fabrics are hard woven fabrics and are employed in air slides for pneumatic transmission of well dried products such as cements and different raw materials. We are Air Slide Fabric Manufacturer in India according to the international norms. We have recognized various standards in the area of producing the best quality Air Slide Fabrics, which finds their widespread application in different industries such as aluminium industry, cement industry, etc. These Air Slide Fabrics are produced through quality substances and newest technology. Our Air Slide Fabrics are employed as unique fabrics for Air Slide Belts in pneumatic conveyor rows. We are called for providing a well-known Air Slide Fabrics. We are producing assortment of Air Slide Fabrics according to the requirements offered by our clients. Our Air Slide Fabrics provide with very high routine and are liability resistant. We have always given our best to provide purely unconquerable prices for our precious Air Slide Fabric.

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We offer Air slide Fabric for providing bulk material through air enormity. We are the best Air Slide Fabric Trader as well as Air Slide Canvas Supplier in India. The key employment of Air slide Fabric is liberating, refusing transport or normalizing the powder or small grainy substance. Our air slide fabric is called as Air slide membrane, Air slide canvas, Air slide cloth, Air permeable fabric, Fluidization cloth and fluidizing fabric. We take on high quality 100% polyester material for air slide fabric substance.

We are the most trustworthy Air Slide Fabric Supplier in India. Our huge range of products involves Air Slide Fabrics, Air Slide Belt, Air Slide Canvas, Dust Collector Bags, Filter Bags, Pneumatic Fabrics, Filter Cages, etc. The value and constancy of our Air Slide Fabric have been established all about. Our filters create an essential part in the niche as a quickest growing producer of Air Slide Fabrics. We have been operating with a view to increase our boundaries in providing these Air Slide Fabrics in regional as well as global markets. We have been incessantly marching towards it with eminence and constancy of our Air Slide Fabrics.

Air Slide Fabrics are also called as Aeration Pads, Aero slides, Fluxo Channels Fluid or arms, Air Permeable Fabric and Fluidizing Fabric.

Based on the client‘s demand, we can give air slide fabrics developed of diverse raw materials, in different grades of thickness and air permeability, based on the application.

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The nonattendance of poignant parts and low power needs make air gravity transmitting the most economical method to express fine substances over small or extensive distances.


An Air slide belt is in the center of a shaft. Powder substance will come into the shaft over Air slide belt. Substance will flow to the shaft inferior side as pneumatic blower downward Airslide belt. That is why we articulate Air slide fabric can shift powder substance due to the wind power. And after that, the remaining wind will go elsewhere from the top of the shaft. Via the shifting, no elements shifted apart from powder substance. So that it can standby more power and maintenance cost, etc.