We Filtech Fabrics are one of the leading suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and importers of industrial material for filter cloths. Our specialist technicians produce the products via making use of the premium class raw stuff so as to counterpart their quality norms with the worldwide norms.

In the present day, our fanatical business method in addition to distinct work regulations make sure overall clearness in business processes has assisted us in establishing a firm foundation in both nations in addition to global markets. With accessible products identified for properties such as better thermal lagging, resistance next to temperature and tensile power amongst others, their ease of use at viable charges also produce these extremely required by value-conscious clients.
The qualitative variety provided by our company is broadly commended by our appreciated customers, outstanding to its excellent attributes as well as performance. The specialist technicians produce the products by making use of the premium quality raw substance in order to go with their quality norms with the worldwide regulations.

We have a team of very capable specialists, who attempts hard to send off better value products to the customers. The devoted employees hired by our company ensure to make use of the premium value raw substance in the production process and additionally check the similar on different quality structures. Being taken care of with the future tendencies in the marketplace, they are able to meet the ever increasing demands of the customers. Additionally, we make sure to improve their skills as well as abilities by carrying out daily workshops.

Why select us?

We are one of the best companies with different striking attributes:

  • Valuable products and dependable services
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Very competitive costs
  • Powerful logistics
  • Affordable personalization services

Our products

Filter cloth

We offer a variety of frivolous to hardwearing filter cloths to optimize your filter press processes. As the portion of our filter press accessories providing, these filter cloths are obtainable in a complete variety of synthetic and natural fibers and are what’s more woven or felted as per to your solid or liquid separation needs.

Features and advantages of our filter cloths:

  •         Powerful, more hard-wearing and high performing fabrics
  •         Custom-made for your accurate application
  •        Twill, satin, plain, unique and duplex interlace prototypes
  •         Insubstantial to profoundly woven cloths
  •         Accuracy, high tech tools, and production

We have an all-inclusive compilation of filter cloth, which is provided to the clients’ at viable market costs. Besides, we make sure to persuade our customers by providing them with the array in personalized forms according to their requirements. The detail explanation of our variety of filter cloths is Polyester, PP, Fiberglass, polypropylene filter cloth, pp material, polypropylene filter fabric, non woven fabric, etc.

Non-Woven bags

Non-woven filter cloth that is employed to create filter bags possesses some necessary characteristics that create them perfect for use. They are formed into bags that are accessible in a range of shapes as well as sizes. In addition, they are accessible in different grades depending on their targeted use. There is the alternative to customize these bags as they are custom-made depending on the demands and requirements of the client and their applications in diverse industries.

At Filtech Fabrics, we accumulate a broad variety of non woven bags of each shape and dimension and also custom creates it. We may make sure you the bags that we provide with are of outstanding quality and go through our hearty inspection procedure to make sure only the best products to our clients.

These are created to be pliant and tough so that they may be employed for a long time-period, competently and successfully. They are thinly refined and opposed to abrasion. One more significant factor to be regarded is their dimensional constancy which creates them precisely in shape and dimension over the phase of use, even in harmful surroundings. These are produced like that they furnish the clients with no complaints. As a well-known and leading producer, we provide with non-woven polyester cloth, non-woven bags, non-woven filter cloth, non-woven fiberglass cloth, non-woven polypropylene cloth and lot more.

Polypropylene fabric

Polypropylene is an artificial material, which is employed in a range of industries.  It is a hard-wearing fabric alternative having intrinsic characteristics of being colorfast, unwilling to discoloration and mildew and providing a high scrap rate.

There are different advantages to employing polypropylene dependent textiles, involving:

  • Toughness– abrasion marks go beyond hardwearing inhabited, and frequently, profitable grade sets.
  • Importance– these clothes are considerably reduced in price than some of the different performance fabrics on the marketplace.
  • Cleanliness– most of them are lighten cleanable.
  • Soft pass– may sometimes possess a wool-like experience, but also is employed to create flat woven fabrics in different patterns.
  • Huge choice of colors and surfaces– various color methods and diverse textures.
  • Colorfastness– a great alternative for rooms where there is essential or straight sunlight.

The advantages of this product are mainly unsurpassed by anything else on the marketplace. Not like various performance clothes, the price label is wallet responsive.  Filtech Fabrics is pompous to provide a superb range of polypropylene fabrics for our clients.

We provide with a broad variety of Polypropylene Non Woven and woven Filter Cloths to customers in diverse finishing actions. These are most helpful for dust aerials in cement and different industries as well. Additionally, these are obtainable in personalized form also based on the needs of the customers.

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Woven polypropylene cloth is a powerful and hard-wearing substance perfect for applications which need a fence or safety.

Its woven environment creates it stretchy and frivolous signifying it is simple to employ for a broad variety of applications. These involve –manufacturing of the industrial rucksacks and bags.

Our variety of polypropylene cloth and rolls are manufactured from the best class cloth and are accessible in a large range of widths and structures that make it ideal for manufacturing use of all types. Our variety of sizes is more often than not obtainable from the store and is all set for a fast dispatch at cutthroat prices.

We are manufacturing the woven filter cloth for excellence and performance over many years. The PP or polypropylene woven filter cloth are made to offer most favorable performance even if filtering complicated tasks with diverse liquids that possess impurities, particularly for food grade efforts. PP or polypropylene woven filter cloth possess the best water-solubility, and broadly employed in plate and casing filter press. And, used for coke, filtering milk, coffee, drinking, wine and etc., simply and without any effort.