Some manufacturing dust will discharge once convene the stationary release or sparks if the combustible materials’ or content comes to a definite degree, which will carry the bang and fire, unusually simple to take place when accumulate the powder in flour mills, chemical factory and coal industry, etc. So, the powder should be unruffled with unique dust collection bags that are composed of antistatic filter cloth.Filtech Fabrics is the leading antistatic filter cloth trader in India.

Essential Features:-

  • Autonomous Air-Humidity ratio
  • Do not humiliate due to dampness
  • Endure incessant temperature of 4500
  • Do not manipulate the power of base fiber
  • Small amount needed for low facade resistivity
  • Wash resistant
  • Non fragile
  • Can be checked by employing probes and permanence of current
    can be verified

Non woven filter fabric

We are involved in non woven filter fabric that is produced of Polyester Filter Cloth, Nomex, Acrylic, Ryton, etc. We have resolutely placed ourselves like one of the highest filter fabric producers and suppliers in India. Our non woven filter fabric is produced from the best quality raw substances by our It’s a very strong antibiotic that really helps, but only in combination with the other drugs. I didn’t experience any side effects. helped me deal with my cold in a few days.
The good antibiotic has been known for a long time, even though it wasn’t advertised much. Its’ price is good and affordable. knowledgeable team. Use of high technology tools has helped us to improve the sturdiness and dependability of our filter cloth and assisted us in making non woven filter bags.

The non woven filter cloth is an ideal blend of high value and outstanding performance. We are the best non woven filter fabric supplier. Our non woven filter fabric is present in normal sizes and can be personalized as per customers’ requirements. Our filter cloth gives outstanding performance. Our variety of non woven filter fabric or cloth is given below:

  • Polyester
  • Water and oil repulsive
  • Polyester anti static
  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic
  • Ryton
  • Nomex

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Filtech Fabrics employs the highly advanced method to create Non Woven Filter Cloth. The group of specialists and industry experts always look after superiority and help with their special knowledge to plan best value Non Woven Filter Cloth is extended fibers, tied jointly by mechanical, chemical, heat or solvent management essentially employ in textile business. Non Woven Filter cloth gets its best employment in making patchwork on different types of garments.

Non Woven Cloth different uses of filter cloth are:

  • Petrochemicals business
  • Beverages and Food processing
  • Edible Oil Processing
  • Water Filtration
  • Paints
  • Brewery Filtration

Filtech Fabrics Non Woven Filter Fabric provides with number of attributes that makes it diverse from others such as:

  • Ideal combination of high quality
  • Improved quality raw substance
  • Use of highly developed technology
  • Dependability and toughness
  • Flawless finish

Our polyester filter fabric has excellent performance of powerful acid conflict and high competence filtration. The polyester filter fabric can be employed as a dust accumulator or liquid solid severance. Mainly employed in food and beverage business, chemical factory, pharmaceutical business, non-ferrous metallurgy, building segment, mining business, etc., for the tool of filter presses, vacuum filters, centrifuge filters,  belt filter presses, etc. We are the biggest Non-Woven Filter Fabric producer and supplier in India that offers outstanding quality of Non Woven Polyester Filter Cloth at inexpensive rates.