Filtech Fabrics is India's leading manufacturer of tent and tarpaulin fabrics. Created with the application of sophisticated technology and high grade materials, these are characterized by long term functionality. Various industries use these tarpaulins for protecting loaded goods or yield against harsh weather, moisture, heat and other damaging factors. Keeping clients budgetary constrains in mind, these have been competitively priced. Rustproof aluminium grommets with sewn-in-welting provide extra strength. They are widely used to cover trucks, ground, crops, construction equipment, machinery, trailers and every item needing shelter from sun, rain and other elements of nature. On customer’s demand we can customize the features of tent and tarpaulin fabrics on various aspects very cost-effectively as we hold full in-house manufacturing facility. Tent and Tarpaulin are available in following fabrics:


Cotton Tarpaulin Cover Distributor and Manufacturer in India

Cotton Tarpaulin incorporates a wide range of canvas tarp which made by use of high quality cotton that makes it ideal to meet with the client’s and industry’s requirements. Filtechfabrics cotton tarpaulin comes up with premium quality grommets that strengthen the cloth material. Serves number of benefits for industry or personal use like:

-Truck or all types of vehicle covers


-Food Grain covers

-Machine Covers

-Emergency Shelter

Filtech Fabrics Cotton Tarpaulins Covers added unmatched features to meet with all industrial requirements

  • Light weight
  • Perfect finish
  • High tensile strength
  • Created Using Sophisticated technology
  • Suitably Coated